I designed and built an image sharing service called Simple Gallery. It focuses on the use-case of sending dozens or more high-quality images directly to recipients. Typically when photos are sent through WhatsApp, SMS, or other platforms, they get downscaled. You don't have much control over the image quality or privacy. With Simple Gallery, you can control the quality and privacy.

For the backend, I use Next.js hosted on an AWS Fargate service behind an ALB. I specified and deployed the AWS infrastructure with Cloud Development Kit (CDK) code in TypeScript.

For the frontend, I use Next.js (i.e. React) with Chakra-ui. For communication between backend and frontend, I use tRPC. For payments, I use Stripe.

The combination of AWS + Node + Next + tRPC + Chakra makes for a highly productive web app stack!

I'm writing some blog posts on how Simple Gallery works and how I built it. Coming soon!