AriNote is a note taking application for desktop computers. I built it with React, tRPC, Prisma, and Electron.

You can use AriNote for brainstorming, thinking, writing, developing ideas, studying... Or you could just use it for fun!

Some note-worthy aspects of AriNote are:

  • Simple – AriNote has a minimal learning curve. I modeled the UI based on paper index cards. The capture is easy and frictionless: Create a new note (shortcut: ctrl+n) and then start typing anything you want.
  • Modular – You can keep adding and adding great piles of notes without disturbing existing notes. Without getting cluttered or overwhelmed.
  • Composable – AriNote displays multiple notes in a column on the UI. This makes it easy to follow novel paths through your collection. Combine notes, create links, follow links, peek at suggested notes, all without losing your place. It's great fun!
  • Long-lasting – I have been quite conservative in the features I've allowed into AriNote, selecting only those that I reckon will be relevant for a while. It runs locally and doesn't depend on any cloud provider or company to continue operating.

It's free. Download the latest release for your platform here:

I've also shared out the architecture that I used in the Electron app. See Using Prisma and tRPC with Electron.